Bathroom Linen Cabinets and Bathroom Vanities with Matching Linen Cabinets


bathroom vanities with matching linen cabinets

Bathroom linen cabinets are a fantastic way to provide ample storage space for your linens and towels while accentuating your décor and breathing life into any space. A linen cabinet can be an addition that meets your precise storage needs, while fitting into the color palette and design scheme of your home. Every home is unique, which is why we have sorted through the greatest linen towers on the market to offer hundreds of options at unbelievably low prices. You can find a linen tower on our site with the exact number of drawers, cabinets, and shelves to suit the needs of your home.

Both our floor cabinets and wall mount cabinets come in different styles, including antique, traditional, modern, and more. Storing everything you need in the bathroom in one place for ease of access and use will free up other storage space in your home.

Linen cabinets come in different heights, so you can use short cabinets as a table or extra counter space in your bathroom.

For your ease, you can browse our vast collection of linen cabinets with the multiple search filters and search criteria on the left. We have all major types of linen towers ready for shipment, including wardrobe armoires, wall-mounted cabinets, and enclosed curios. Find the right linen tower for your home based on finish, material, dimensions, and the design features included. If you need a linen cabinet that’s adjustable or that contains customizable storage, you’re in luck – many of our bathroom linen cabinets can be easily personalized in case your storage needs fluctuate over time, or you simply decide it needs a fresh look.

It’s surprising how cluttered your bathroom can become. Between your toiletry items, linens, and bathroom accessories, there doesn’t seem to be enough storage space for it all. Everything just ends up cluttering your countertops and wherever else there’s free space. In order to take back your bathroom and return it to a peaceful, tranquil space, you need to add some convenient and beautiful storage space.

Linen towers are not for towel storage alone. They can also be a great space to store smaller items like Q-tips, cotton balls, extra soap and shampoo, and medicine. Simply put these items in glass canisters or wicker storage bins for easy organization and then place them on the shelf of your new bathroom linen cabinet. Now everything has a place to go without taking up too much room in your bathroom.

In our store, we have a number of different towel storage cabinets to choose from. First, you can opt for a tall linen cabinet with no exposed shelving. This type of free standing cabinet takes up little floor space in your bathroom as some are only 15 inches wide. The fully enclosed cabinet also conveniently hides away your extra linens and other bathroom accessories. You can choose to have this tall cabinet inside your bathroom or just outside of the bathroom in the bedroom or closet.

Another option that saves on space is the corner linen cabinets for sale in our store. This model of cabinet fits snuggly into the free corner of your bathroom. It’s the perfect way to take advantage of space that often goes unused. Once installed in your bathroom, you will have a space to place all the excess items on your countertops as well as your guest linens. Most models come equipped with exposed shelving and cabinet space in order to give you a variety of storage solutions.

If you’d rather shop for your linen cabinet by style or color, we make this easy for you in our store. You can easily shop between colors and styles using our left hand navigation. Looking for a white linen tower to match your clean and simple bathroom décor? We have a great selection for you to choose from. In the market for a contemporary cabinet? We have a number of those to choose from as well. Other popular finish colors include dark wood, light wood, and black.

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Bathroom Medicine Cabinets – With Lights, Recessed, Mirrored – Choosing the Best


bathroom mirrored medicine cabinet

Bathrooms are often limited in space available. This means that more space-saving solutions are required. Medicine Cabinets combine the necessity of the bathroom mirror with the additional storage of cabinetry. Specially made to be much thinner than normal cabinets, our medicine cabinets attach nicely to your wall, allowing you to keep clutter off of you sink or counter. Behind the mirror storage allows you to stash personal items away, while keeping them close at hand when you need them.

Our Medicine Cabinets use the same design as our standard cabinets, so you can make sure that your room maintains a unified aesthetic look. With hinging options available from either side, these cabinets will work perfectly in every room layout. You can also customize your medicine cabinet through our Vanity Program, selecting style, moulding, mirror shape, and more. Medicine Cabinets are the perfect wall storage solution for your bathroom.

Medicine cabinets are designed to store your bathroom items, but they also add to the decor of a room. We have a large selection of high quality medicine cabinets for every taste and budget. Broan’s collection of medicine cabinets include framed and frameless cabinets, corner cabinets for small spaces, metal/decorative cabinets, perfume cabinets with shelf space for bottles and jars, handcrafted cabinets and low profile cabinets that have a slim silhouette. Canby medicine cabinets are hand-cut, using the best materials available to create architecturally inspired designs. Space medicine cabinets are designed to accommodate all of your bathroom items with patented modular shelving that slides out easily for adjustment. For European style, try Alno medicine cabinets in a framed or frameless design. Metallic finishes give the medicine cabinets an elegant look. Afina medicine cabinets offer a bit of luxury with wood frames, wood with anodized aluminum frames and frameless glass medicine cabinets in an arch or scallop top.

The addition of medicine cabinets to your bathroom seems like a given, but there are more options than getting just a simple one.

We have both surface mount and recessed medicine cabinets for you to choose from. Both create extra storage and concealment for items you keep in your bathroom. Add to this choice with fog free glass or LED lighting medicine cabinets. All medicine cabinets will give your bathroom an updated and modern look, no matter your style interests.

Medicine cabinets. Range of your bathroom supplies organized and over toilet storage to surface mount cabinets have it all of bathroom built in medicine cabinets free shipping and vintage tub bath linen closet and frameless modern design ideas and over the best s for bathroom medicine cabinet design ideas of medicine cabinet design and inspiration amazing gallery of bathroom built ins bathroom cabinets free shipping and bath retreat with modular versatility list starting at seamlessly replace old medicine cabinet view medicine cabinets bathroom medicine cabinet manufacturers the perfect medicine cabinets free shipping no s client service guaranteed.

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Bathroom Wall Storage Cabinets – Wall Mounted Cabinets Buying Guide


bathroom wall cabinets white

With space saving, style, and affordability in mind, we make sure our products have the versatility to meet every possible bathroom need and desire imaginable.  This is why we carry a wide selection of wall mirror cabinets.

Our products from Premier are the highest quality on the market.  We carry a number of Premier bathroom products, like the Premier White Bathroom Mirror with a one door cabinet.  This wall mirror cabinet has a right handed door that opens to an expansive shelf.  It also contains a canopy light.  The inset light illuminates your bathroom with a 20 watt light that can be turned on by an easy to find pull switch.  This wall mirror cabinet looks very comfortable with many of our other stylish products like our tall boys, several toilets, vanities, and laundry baskets.

If you need just a little more space, and require a fair amount of amenities and luxury, take a look below at our Phoenix Double Aluminum Backlit Illuminated Bathroom Wall Mirror Cabinet.  It’s 600mm x 800mm.  Many of our products are designed with luxury combined with convenience in mind.  This product is a wonderful example.  It comes with a European shaver socket, safety glass shelves, a pull cord for an interior light that flickers just the right amount of ambient light during those times when you don’t want to be blinded and need to use the bathroom.

Providing additional storage our Bathroom Wall Cabinet range offers a hugh variety of tradiional or modern designs. The humble storage cabinets has changed over the generations and are available in white black silver and many other colour options and sizes to suit any size bathroom. The perfect complement to shaving, doing your make up, your morning routine or unwinding after a long day, bathroom wall cabinets are an essential addition to your basin or vanity unit with their integral mirrors and internal shelving. We have a great choice of white or black wall cabinets too choose from.

We never really realise the wealth of benefits that come with a bathroom wall cabinet until we invest in one.

When developing your bathroom suite, storage can take second place to aesthetics and sometimes it’s not until the bathroom is finished and in full use that we realise a bathroom wall cabinet may have been a well thought out investment.

The Perfect Bathroom Investment

Fortunately, it’s not always too late to add a bathroom wall cabinet to your bathroom suite, increasing the functionality of your suit with a simple but effective style complement.


Why Install a Bath Wall Cabinet?

When it comes to wall cabinetry, the bathroom wall cabinet is certainly one of the most popular options, and for good reason. Bathrooms tend to be smaller, cramped spaces where innovative and attractive storage solutions are welcomed and embraced. The bath wall cabinet is the perfect solution. A quality cabinet hung over the John looks good, holds and hides toilet paper, toiletries, and the like, and has a bar across the bottom that doubles as a convenient towel rack as well.

Talk to a Cabinetry Contractor about Designing the Perfect Cabinetry for You

Whether you’re thinking about replacing your kitchen cabinets, installing a bath wall cabinet in your water closet, or installing cabinets elsewhere in your home, talk to a contractor experienced in cabinet installation and sales about what is going to be the right cabinetry choice for you. From custom made hardwood cabinetry to industrial type steel cabinetry for garages and workshops, there’s a cabinet solution out there that will help you to organize and beautify just about any space in your home.

Bathroom Wall Cabinets with or with out mirror

When developing large family bathroom suites, more often than not, there will be plenty of wall space for you to add a functional storage solution, maybe even a tall bathroom cabinet or bathroom tall boy for maximum storage for towels and other substantial products such as bleaches and spare toilet rolls.


Bathroom Wall Cabinets for En-Suites and Cloakroom Suites

If there is ever a bathroom suite in need of additional storage space it is en-suites and cloakroom bathroom suites, both of which are left with the responsibility to house many of the products and features of a family bathroom within a compact space.

In order to make the most of the space within smaller bathrooms, slimline bathroom wall cabinets are the perfect solution to store your toothbrushes, shampoos and moisturisers.

The Wall Cabinet 40 from Svedbergs beautifully marries contemporary minimalist chic with unrivaled functionality, combining internal glass shelving, a soft closing door and a stylish choice of finishes.

Similarly, the Twilight Flower Black Wall Box from Jax Bathrooms delivers a wealth of function within its compact dimensions, delivering an ultra slimline cabinet with soft closing hinges and a unique floral finish.


Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinets

If you need to add storage to your bathroom but are limited on floor space, then adding a bathroom wall cabinet is a great solution to your problem.

These bathroom wall storage cabinets make it easy to store items like hand towels, wash cloths, toilet paper, guest toiletries, and much more. Beyond functional storage, they‘re also a stylish décor piece that can help bring new life to any bathroom. Whether you’re completely remodeling your bathroom or only looking to add this one piece, adding bathroom wall cabinets is always a great decision.

If you’re trying to create a simple and elegant look in your bathroom, you can’t go wrong with adding white cabinetry throughout the space. Choose a traditional white bathroom vanity with plenty of storage space below the counter along with a white bathroom wall cabinet for convenient storage of bathroom accessories. To find the best fit for your bathroom, use the left hand navigation to filter the selection to white finish cabinets only. You’ll love the way your new bathroom wall storage cabinets look in your home and your new found storage space too!

For those customers looking to create a bathroom with gray tones, we make it easy to find bathroom wall cabinets in this trendy color scheme. We sell gray wall cabinets with double cabinet doors, single cabinet doors and even wall cabinets designed to fit in the corners of the bathroom. The different varieties give you the opportunity to maximize space in your new bathroom. Once complete, you’ll be able to relax in your tranquil and organized bathroom. It’ll feel like you’re in a world class spa, all thanks to new bathroom wall cabinets.

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Finding the Best Bathroom Tub and Shower Faucets


bathroom tub and shower faucets

We try to make sure you always have many options for your home. That’s why we have so many Shower Faucets for sale on our site, including Shower Faucets from brands like Golden Vantage and Pfister. We want to make sure when you’re looking for where to buy Shower Faucets online, you find the best options, you’re getting the one that’s exactly right for you, whether that’s the Engage Handshower, the Lahara Tub and Shower Faucet Trim with Lever Handles, or something entirely different and unique to your home.

From a revitalizing shower in the morning to a relaxing bath at night, your bathroom plays a vital role in your wellbeing. True Value helps you maximize those rewarding moments with bathroom faucets, spouts and many accessories from the name brands you trust. Browse today to shop our extensive line of shower and tub products that blend usability with distinction and performance. Whether you’re searching for shower kits that include bathtub faucets, spouts and handles or simply replacing one component – we can satisfy your unique situation with the superior service you’ve come to expect from your home improvement partner.

Meet our friendly experts in your area and let them help you select the right products. Our knowledgeable professionals can tell you more about the various styles and finishes of our bathtub spouts, faucets and kits – as well as how to install and maintain these quality products.


Tips on Seats and Springs

Some faucets have “seats and springs” underneath the main valve or stem. These look like little rubber cups with a hole in the middle of the cup and a small spring that goes inside the cap. One brand’s seats and springs do not necessarily fit into one another. For example, the seats and springs in some Price Pfister kitchen faucets look almost exactly like Delta seats and springs, but Price Pfister rubber cups have a slightly smaller inner hole diameter. Thus, if you use a more commonly available Delta part in its place, the faucet will still leak with the new seat.


Clean and Reassemble the Faucet

Before putting the shower stem back, take the opportunity to clean any junk from the pipes. Put the shower stem back into the pipe in reverse order from how you took it out. Use some faucet grease and apply it to the faucet stem threads. In order to prevent damage, re-caulk the faucet plate. When completely finished, don’t forget to turn your water back on.


Replace Bad Washer

There is one washer at the end of the valve stem. You can either remove the washer and take it to the hardware store and get the same one or buy an assortment of washers and find one that fits.


Choosing a Showerhead or Shower System

Oftentimes, the day begins and ends with a shower. We jump in the shower in the morning to get an invigorating start to our day or relax in the shower in the evening to soothe our tired bodies and wash away the stressors of the day. There is a huge variety showerheads and shower systems for you to choose from when renovating your home or adding a new bath, in a multitude of finishes, models, functions, and prices.

Fixed Showerheads: There are basically two types of showerheads – the fixed showerhead and the hand-held showerhead. A fixed showerhead is mounted as a permanent fixture to the shower unit’s wall. The fixed showerhead is the most frequently installed type of showerhead. Fixed showerheads are usually constructed to allow for adjustment of height so that short or tall people can comfortably use the same shower.

Hand-Held Showerheads: Hand-held showerheads are connected to the shower unit’s wall via a flexible hose or tubing to allow for freedom of motion when in use. Hand-held showerheads may be installed using a fixed and mounted bracket that is attached low on the wall. Hand-held showerheads are great for those with limited mobility due to accident, injury, illness, or handicap, or for easier bathing of children or furry four footed babies (pets).

Water Saving Showerheads: Those consumers who want to do their part to protect our fragile environment (and save money at the same time) should look for a low-flow showerhead. Low-flow showerheads use much less water than non-energy saving models. Use of a low-flow showerhead can allow you to save money by reducing your water bill and the amount of hot water that is used with each shower – cutting your electric or gas bill as well.

Low Water Pressure Concerns: Ever get the feeling that you can stand in the shower forever and still not rinse the shampoo from your hair properly? If your home has low water pressure, you will see a big difference by switching to a showerhead that is specifically designed for that common problem.

Shower Systems: One of the hottest trends right now is to install a shower system as opposed to a basic shower. A shower system usually consists of valves, showerheads, hand showers, body sprays, water outlets, and volume controls. A shower system can turn your time in the shower into a true spa experience. There are prepackaged shower systems or you can customize your own.

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Brass Bathroom Faucets – Chrome and Polished Brass Bathroom Faucets


chrome and brass bathroom faucets

Bring a rustic, Victorian, and glam look into your bathroom renovation with an antique brass bathroom sink faucet. Antique brass faucets are bold, stylish, carry architecture in the forefront, and will upscale any bathroom with their addition. Antique brass faucets are versatile because you can put them on a white, black, and even stone countertop or vanity. Brass faucets look great in master bathrooms, powder rooms, and guest bathrooms, so they’re the perfect accent piece to your home project.

The sink is the most common area of the bathroom. It’s where we wash up, do our makeup, and groom our faces. The proper faucet plays a huge role in not only the look of your bathroom, but its functionality, too. Most antique brass faucets are made of brass and then tinted to the hundreds of varying colors you see on our antique brass faucets page. The finish is an important feature for your new sink faucet as it gives the overall presentation to the sink. So, now that you know brass is your finish, you can go ahead and choose the mount type. We offer a few different mount types like single hole faucets, widespread faucets, centerset faucets, and wall mounted faucets. The mount will be important when it comes to installing the faucet!

Certain brass faucets come with an adjustable height feature so you can fit your faucet over any size sink. Other important features to consider when purchasing a new faucet are the number of faucet holes, the number of handles, and the faucet handle type. Three faucet holes will include two temperature knob handles and then the spout from which the water runs through. One faucet hole is the whole faucet system in just one unit which is perfect for smaller countertops and sinks. Antique brass sink faucets come with one or two handles. Our faucet handle types can come as levers, crosses, singles, knobs, scrolls, and even push tilt handles. All these features of your brass sink faucet will contribute to its overall look and presentation.

Looking for Antique Brass Bathroom Faucet? We offers great selection products including wedding dresses, electronics, cell phones, car tech, and fashion clothes and so on. The qualities of all our products are guaranteed. This cool shop will definitely satisfy all our needs. What are you waiting for? Shop now in the incredible wholesale price with international shipping and enjoy the best customer service.

The absolute most important issues to look at is that the substances quality that the manufacturer employs in acquiring the faucet. The best option could be the usage of sound brass and also some excellent brass-base metal is additionally beneficial to assist against corrosion. You can always locate a more inexpensive bathroom faucet but at the long haul the savings will not add up as you will have your bathrooms faucet which includes a lower life span and probably more internal issues which you’ll wind up having to take care of. The taps that are less expensive usually use a stem which goes up and down that will close and open to the valve. With this design the washer on the base of the stem tends to wear rapidly last but not least create the restroom sink faucet escape.

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Black Bathroom Faucets – Black Faucets for Bathroom


black bathroom faucets

Black bathroom sink faucets are bold, stylish, sleek, and will upscale any bathroom with its addition. Not every bathroom can support a black sink faucet because of its features. Black faucets look great in master bathrooms, powder rooms, and guest bathrooms, but with the right look. If you’ve got a bathroom renovation coming up, try bringing your new bathroom look to a new level by incorporating a black bathroom sink faucet.

Few things say modern like a black sink faucet does. Today’s sink faucets are sleeker and more contemporary than ever, so if you’re going for a modern faucet, look no further than a black one. A ceramic coated black faucet will give you a contemporary look, but a rounded black faucet with a glossy finish will do the exact opposite and set your bathroom back a few years. Today, contemporary comes in squared and rectangular shapes with edges. The finish is an important feature for your new sink faucet. The finish gives the overall presentation. You have the option of choosing chrome, bronze, brass, brushed nickel, copper, steel, and so many more tones. We also offer a few different mount types like single hole faucets, widespread faucets, centerset faucets, and wall mounted faucets. The mount will be important when it comes to installing the faucet!

Certain faucets come with an adjustable height feature so you can fit your faucet over any size sink. Other things to consider are the number of faucet holes, the number of handles, and the faucet handle type. Three faucet holes will include two temperature knob handles and then the spout from which the water runs through. One faucet hole is the whole faucet system in just one unit. Black sink faucets come with one or two handles. Our faucet handle types can come as levers, crosses, singles, knobs, scrolls, and even push tilt handles. All these features of your black sink faucet will contribute to its overall look and presentation.

We carry brands like Kohler, Moen, American Standard, Delta, and so many more so you know you can trust the black faucet you’ve got your eye on. We’ve got faucets ranging from all prices so you can comfortably find the perfect faucet for your bathroom without spending a fortune. We also have a great selection of high end black sink faucets.


6 Reasons to Love a Matte Black Faucet

Nothing against stainless steel, but its days as the default finish for modern kitchens are numbered. Enter matte black: Smooth, slick and awesomely onyx, the finish has the austerity of metallic steel, but with a little less shine and a little more warmth. On a faucet—one that leans contemporary, like Trinsic, or one that can swing transitional, like Essa—the finish almost begs to be touched, and it adds some unexpected visual interest to the sink. Almost every modern kitchen looks good in an LBD (that’s little black Delta); here are six reasons to use one:

  1. To highlight charcoal ribbons in a natural stone countertop
  2. To starkly contrast a light backsplash/counter/sink combo
  3. To make a hard stone backsplash look even tougher (while adding a little curve!)
  4. To add some edge to cool-hued, organic-shaped tile
  5. To create a focal point in a busy kitchen
  6. To emphasize a patterned wall’s curvy print

Modern & Contemporary Bathroom Sink Faucets

Your go to source for modern and contemporary Bathroom Sink Faucets online. Wide selection of Bathroom Sink Faucets spans the modern design spectrum with offerings from brands like Avanity and Kokols. We offers free shipping on most orders, so whether you are shopping for a Purist Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink Faucet Trim with 9″, 90-Degree Angle Spout and Cross Handles, Requires Valve or a Lahara Double Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet you can rest assured that we have the best Bathroom Sink Faucets for your needs.

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Picking the Perfect Bathroom Faucet – Best Bathroom Faucets


bathroom sink faucets

Bathroom Fixtures now set the tone for your entire lavatory’s design and style, with the most important factor being the Bathroom Faucets you use in the sink, shower and tub. Top manufacturers like Brizo, Delta, Kohler, Moen, and others are evolving the utilitarian faucet into attention-getting fixtures by incorporating innovative technologies like SmartTouchPlus™, Touch20®, TEMP20™, INSIGHT™, Sensate™ Touchless or Spot Resist™. We offers the Best Bathroom Faucets with the latest bathroom technology the market has to offer and one of the largest online catalogs available.

We offer more than enough shapes, styles, finishes and functions for sinks, washbasins, showers, tubs, whirlpools and/or bidets, to complement the overall style and design of your bathroom. If you’re like many shoppers who aren’t quite sure what they want, you can visit the inspiration gallery to get the bathroom of your dreams. We also offers a bathroom sink faucet buying guide to help you figure out what type of Lavatory Faucet will fit the best. Also, be sure to view our bathroom lighting collections to purchase an elegant light fixture that will complement the style of your new faucet and bathroom theme perfectly.

Bathroom Sink Faucets

View our large offering of bathroom faucets available in a number of finishes to fit both your personal needs and the style of your bathroom. Whether your bathroom calls for a centerset or widespread faucet or chrome, brushed nickel, or matte black finish, we’ve designed sink faucets that are engineered to exceed your expectations. See our large selection of bathroom sink faucets below.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the decisions that need to be made in a bathroom makeover, but we’re here to help you find the style for your home you’ll love for years to come. A good place to start? Bathroom faucets! A single handle bathroom faucet or centerset? That is the question! There are a lot of options on the market, and bath faucets are small fixtures that have significant importance to create cohesion in your bathroom. We asked a few blogger experts to share their bathroom makeover experience in addition to how they chose their bath faucet, whether it be a single handle bathroom faucet or another mount!


First find your own bathroom style, then customize it and enjoy it: the bathroom professionals from hansgrohe make it their mission to help you with this. Find your style and the perfect bathroom faucet here.

Avantgarde? Modern? Classic? Be inspired!

You are free to develop your own personal taste by creating a bathroom ambience that expresses your own personality, turning your bathroom into a feel-good room. Whether you are renovating or aiming to completely change the architecture of the bathroom.

Why hansgrohe bathroom faucets? Because of our impressive, innovative technologies.

  • ComfortZone: More space, outstanding ease of use
  • Cool Start: Save energy and costs
  • EcoRight: Save up to 60 percent of water, protect the environment
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Bathroom Sink Bowls – Vessel Sinks, Wash Basins


sink bowls for bathroom

Vessel sinks, also known as bowl sinks, are free standing sinks that are mounted directly on top of your counter. We have hundreds of vessel sinks for your bathroom, kitchen, or powder room in a dozen different finishes, materials, shapes, and features. Read more to learn about how vessel sinks work and why you should get one!


Why Should I Get A Vessel Sink?

A vessel sink is not molded through the counter, therefore it can come in many more styles, colors, materials, and sizes than undermount sinks do. Vessel sinks are also much easier to swap out and they’re easy to install. Bathroom vessel sinks are versatile and can be found in modern, coastal, traditional, and rustic designs. Many people who choose a bowl sink in their bathroom like it for its “wash basin” appeal. Other than style and versatility, bowl sinks are comfortable! They rise anywhere from two to six inches above the counter so you don’t have to bend over as much when using the sink. Vessel sinks are spacious and can save you precious counter top room!


How Do Vessel Sinks Work?

Vessel sinks do not need any special plumbing, and yes, they do have an overflow. The overflow is engineered differently in vessel bathroom sinks because the channel that the water flows through is hidden within the sides of the sink, so you can’t see it. Not every vessel sink will have an overflow. In short, vessel sinks work and drain just like standard sinks, but they’re installed differently. A channel lock plier and some silicone sealant are usually the main tools you’ll need to install a vessel sink.

What Size Vessel Sink Should I get?

It’s all personal preference! Think about who will be using the sink. Shorter adults and children may have a harder time using the sink if it’s too high, and tall people may find it uncomfortable if it’s too low. The size, width, and height of your vessel sink will depend on how much counter space you have and where you can install a mirror and vanity in proportion to the sink. If you’re also in the market for a new vanity, then the size of the vanity will also vary depending on the members of your household and their preferences.


Are Vessel Sinks Sturdy Enough For Children?

This depends on how well and tight the sink was installed. Vessel sinks are not the most practical sinks for children as they are usually raised an average of four inches from the counter, making it more difficult for children to reach. Many vessel sinks are also mounted by sealant, and if a child happens to slip from their stool and pull on the sink, there’s a possibility the sink can detach if it wasn’t installed properly.

What Else Should I Consider When Purchasing a Vessel Sink?

The bathroom faucet! The faucet height will be an important feature to your vessel sink presentation. You typically have two options when it comes to the type of vessel faucet you can install: a counter top mounted faucet or a wall mounted faucet. Both work very well with vessel sinks and look great!

Wash Basins

We have a wash basin to suit every design and bathroom size. If you’re fitting something in a small WC, check out our selection of cloakroom basins. Or, if you need more floor space in your family bathroom, try measuring up a corner wash basin instead. From ceramic bowls to black glass, we have it covered.


Bathroom Sinks and Vanities

There are several basic sink designs that can be configured to fit just about any bathroom style, from traditional to vintage to ultra-modern.

The first and most economical sink design is the drop-in sink. Available in a wide range of materials and styles, drop-in sinks sit atop a vanity countertop and incorporate a faucet into their design.

Another fairly inexpensive and common, space-saving sink option is the pedestal sink. These classic fixtures stand upright on a pedestal, and they are often made of porcelain.

For a mid-range budget, an undermount sink is a great option. These fixtures sit seamlessly in a vanity countertop, making them both stylish and easy to maintain. These sinks are available in a wide range of materials. Opting for a more expensive metal undermount sink can create great visual interest and add to durability.

Vessel sinks are considered a stylish, high-end and expensive option—these “floating” sinks sit like a bowl on top of a vanity countertop and are available in all manner of materials, from glass to porcelain to metal.

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Choosing a Bathroom Pedestal Sink – Basic and Buying Tips


bathroom sink pedestal

A pedestal sink is the perfect bathroom sink that combines traditional and contemporary design. Iconic images of pedestal sinks with black and white penny tiled floors conjure up days gone by; however, these beautiful sinks also look striking paired with modern décor. The signature look of pedestal sinks is a long thin porcelain base that supports a deep and wide basin. Pedestal sinks do not have cabinetry or ornamentation, which makes them one of the leading sinks in modern design. Another great benefit of pedestal sinks is that they are one of the best-designed sinks that come at an affordable price point. These functional and elegant sinks are not only affordable, but they also take up very little space. If you have a small bathroom and you would like to add a stylish and affordable flare, then try designing with a pedestal sink.

Not only does a Pedestal Sink save you time and space in your bathroom or powder room by not having to install a vanity, but it also looks great. Choose from a wide variety of contemporary pedestal sinks and traditional pedestal sinks to match any style of home. If you are unsure of which manufacturer to use you can also check out Barclay pedestal sinks and American Standard pedestal sinks.


Pedestal Sink Basics

Pedestal sinks are composed of two pieces: the pedestal (i.e., the “leg”) and the sink basin. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that pedestal sink basins are supported by the wall as well as the pedestal. The wall behind the intended sink location must be strong enough to support the weight of the basin. Also, the supply and drain pipes must enter the sink from the wall rather than the floor.


Why Choose a Pedestal?

Pedestal sinks are better suited to some types of bathrooms over others. For starters, they work perfectly in any bathroom where space is limited. This includes half baths and powder rooms. Baths that aim for a period style also can be a great fit for a pedestal. Many new pedestal sinks are modeled after traditional styles, offering an authentically vintage look in a new unit. But regardless of the style, pedestal sinks give your bathroom an airy, open look, in contrast to the bulk of a vanity cabinet.


Why Not Get a Pedestal?

The clean, airy look of pedestals comes with a significant drawback: no counter or storage space. Many pedestal sink basins have very little flat space for setting down a razor or makeup. This makes them a poor choice for busy family bathrooms. Some models do offer limited “counter” space via an apron around the basin bowl.

Square sinks usually feature the largest aprons. As for storage space, there is none. Anything that would be stashed in a sink vanity cabinet has to go in a separate cabinet or closet or in a medicine cabinet above the sink. If you’re considering switching from a vanity and sink to a pedestal, keep in mind that you may need to replace the flooring, baseboard, wall covering, etc. behind and underneath the vanity space when the old vanity comes out.


Some Tips

Before installing a pedestal sink you may need to relocate your plumbing or level off your existing bathroom floor. It is important that the neck of your pedestal sink holds your plumbing and that it stands on even footing. If the floor is uneven then it cause result in water catchment issues in the future.

Decorating a small bathroom takes a certain attention to detail. If you are looking to combine both style and functionality in a space, then a small pedestal sink may be the perfect option. Although small pedestal sinks lack storage space, their elegant neck and basis can transform a small dull bathroom into an inviting washroom. Small pedestal sinks can be great for children and elderly as they will oftentimes be shorter.

If you are looking to make a rare statement in your bathroom, then you can decorate with a wood pedestal sink. These pedestal sinks bring outdoor materials inside. The wooden bathroom pedestal sinks combine a natural base and a stone basin to make you feel like you are drinking from a natural spring.

Traditional pedestal sinks have rich embellishments across the basin and the stem. You can find both beveled surfaces and decorative surfaces that bring an elegant texture into your home décor. Pair a pedestal sink with black and white bathroom tiles to create a vintage design.

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A Guide to Buying Wall Mounted Bathroom Sinks


wall mount bathroom sink

Design your bathroom to be far from ordinary with modern wall-mounted sinks that create a unique look for any space. Wall mounted sinks do not have a cabinet or vanity below it, freeing up space in the bathroom, making it easy to clean the bathroom floor, and promoting a minimalist aesthetic. They do require heavy bracing on the wall to ensure that the sink does not rip out of the wall. Pair our modern wall mount faucets with our cutting-edge wall mounted faucets to create a clean, modern motif in your bathroom.

Wall mounted bathroom sinks are growing in popularity with contractors and consumers, and for good reason — they offer many advantages when it comes to bathroom design and style. Wall sinks offer clean, straight lines that look great in almost any bathroom theme but really shine in a modern design. Wall mount sinks also help a bathroom feel more airy and open without the bulk of a traditional vanity. Since these sinks are hanging from the wall, they are also easier to keep clean and free of clutter, making it easier to keep your bathroom presentable and sanitary. If you’re looking at mounted sinks for your bathroom, we offer a large selection of quality designs that will help you create your dream bathroom. With so many wall mounted bathroom sinks to choose from, the right choice is within reach.

Porcelanosa’s bathroom wall mounted sinks offer a simplistic yet stylish design option that can stand out on its own without the need of additional pieces. Although most of Porcelanosa’s wall mounted bathroom sinks come with countertop space available, these wall mount sinks can also be combined with accessory pieces in order to increase its storage capacity and enhance its look. Mirrors and medicine cabinets can also be a perfect complement for these bathroom pieces.

A wall mounted bathroom sink is a stylish and functional sink installation that has made the leap from primarily commercial applications to become a popular option for many homes. Wall mount sinks are great solution for more compact powder rooms that might not have room for a full bathroom vanity, or for spaces that are designed with a clean minimalist look in mind.

Wall mounted bathroom sinks come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate just about any bathroom. We carry small bathroom sinks with narrow profiles or corner mounting installation to take up practically no space at all, as well as large statement sinks that can also feature an area of countertop in a single piece of ceramic. There are even wall mounted installations that feature double sinks to add plenty of utility while maintaining a clean and simple look.

In terms of design style, although wall mount sinks all need to have a flat back panel for installation, there are still quite a few variances in design. For instance we carry rectangular, round, square, half-moon, and oval sinks. These also feature design details such as differently angled basins, curves, and detail work on the surface of the sink, as well as occasional metal accents or small integrated towel bars. Another aspect to consider when choosing a style of sink, is the material that it is made of. Although most sinks are made of ceramics, there are also many options of other materials including wood, bamboo, and various metals in a range of finishes. Adding a sink that is made of a contrasting material can add a statement piece to any bathroom and elevate the décor with distinctive style. Because of their various finishes, dimensions, and occasionally nontraditional basins, many wall mounted sinks also come with perfectly matched faucets that suit their particular orientation or size to complete the look and maintain functionality.

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