Finding the Best Bathroom Tub and Shower Faucets

bathroom tub and shower faucets

We try to make sure you always have many options for your home. That’s why we have so many Shower Faucets for sale on our site, including Shower Faucets from brands like Golden Vantage and Pfister. We want to make sure when you’re looking for where to buy Shower Faucets online, you find the best options, you’re getting the one that’s exactly right for you, whether that’s the Engage Handshower, the Lahara Tub and Shower Faucet Trim with Lever Handles, or something entirely different and unique to your home.

From a revitalizing shower in the morning to a relaxing bath at night, your bathroom plays a vital role in your wellbeing. True Value helps you maximize those rewarding moments with bathroom faucets, spouts and many accessories from the name brands you trust. Browse today to shop our extensive line of shower and tub products that blend usability with distinction and performance. Whether you’re searching for shower kits that include bathtub faucets, spouts and handles or simply replacing one component – we can satisfy your unique situation with the superior service you’ve come to expect from your home improvement partner.

Meet our friendly experts in your area and let them help you select the right products. Our knowledgeable professionals can tell you more about the various styles and finishes of our bathtub spouts, faucets and kits – as well as how to install and maintain these quality products.


Tips on Seats and Springs

Some faucets have “seats and springs” underneath the main valve or stem. These look like little rubber cups with a hole in the middle of the cup and a small spring that goes inside the cap. One brand’s seats and springs do not necessarily fit into one another. For example, the seats and springs in some Price Pfister kitchen faucets look almost exactly like Delta seats and springs, but Price Pfister rubber cups have a slightly smaller inner hole diameter. Thus, if you use a more commonly available Delta part in its place, the faucet will still leak with the new seat.


Clean and Reassemble the Faucet

Before putting the shower stem back, take the opportunity to clean any junk from the pipes. Put the shower stem back into the pipe in reverse order from how you took it out. Use some faucet grease and apply it to the faucet stem threads. In order to prevent damage, re-caulk the faucet plate. When completely finished, don’t forget to turn your water back on.


Replace Bad Washer

There is one washer at the end of the valve stem. You can either remove the washer and take it to the hardware store and get the same one or buy an assortment of washers and find one that fits.


Choosing a Showerhead or Shower System

Oftentimes, the day begins and ends with a shower. We jump in the shower in the morning to get an invigorating start to our day or relax in the shower in the evening to soothe our tired bodies and wash away the stressors of the day. There is a huge variety showerheads and shower systems for you to choose from when renovating your home or adding a new bath, in a multitude of finishes, models, functions, and prices.

Fixed Showerheads: There are basically two types of showerheads – the fixed showerhead and the hand-held showerhead. A fixed showerhead is mounted as a permanent fixture to the shower unit’s wall. The fixed showerhead is the most frequently installed type of showerhead. Fixed showerheads are usually constructed to allow for adjustment of height so that short or tall people can comfortably use the same shower.

Hand-Held Showerheads: Hand-held showerheads are connected to the shower unit’s wall via a flexible hose or tubing to allow for freedom of motion when in use. Hand-held showerheads may be installed using a fixed and mounted bracket that is attached low on the wall. Hand-held showerheads are great for those with limited mobility due to accident, injury, illness, or handicap, or for easier bathing of children or furry four footed babies (pets).

Water Saving Showerheads: Those consumers who want to do their part to protect our fragile environment (and save money at the same time) should look for a low-flow showerhead. Low-flow showerheads use much less water than non-energy saving models. Use of a low-flow showerhead can allow you to save money by reducing your water bill and the amount of hot water that is used with each shower – cutting your electric or gas bill as well.

Low Water Pressure Concerns: Ever get the feeling that you can stand in the shower forever and still not rinse the shampoo from your hair properly? If your home has low water pressure, you will see a big difference by switching to a showerhead that is specifically designed for that common problem.

Shower Systems: One of the hottest trends right now is to install a shower system as opposed to a basic shower. A shower system usually consists of valves, showerheads, hand showers, body sprays, water outlets, and volume controls. A shower system can turn your time in the shower into a true spa experience. There are prepackaged shower systems or you can customize your own.

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