A guide to Buying 24 Inch Bathroom Vanities

24 inch bathroom vanity

24 inch bathroom vanities are tight but with one of our great designs, you’ll still enjoy plenty of style and storage. Choose from clean, white, and modern or go with dark, warm, and traditional version. We have plenty of combinations to choose from. 24 inch bathroom vanities might not offer much counterspace but this gives you the ability to play with the idea of different vanity top materials, textures, and colors. With their smaller surface space, it’s easier to go a little outside the box without the vanity top taking over the theme of your bathroom. 24 inch bathroom vanities are big enough to be the only vanity in your bathroom while also being small enough to pair up for a modern double sink design. Either way, our selection of 24 inch bathroom vanities is sure to include your ideal vanity.

Bathroom vanities come in different styles and sizes. You should think through, first off all Size, just chose right specific parameters and put vanity inside your bathroom. One of the smaller sizes for bathroom vanities starts with under 24 inches for the width of the countertop. If you have a petite bathroom, particularly one in an apartment, this size under 24 for a vanity is appropriate for the space. But wider than a standard sink, such bath vanities have some countertop space, even though their considerable advantage is the storage beneath the sink. On the other hand, while a vanity for bathroom may install at corner of a little bathroom, a current vanity with distinct cabinets along with a sink might be arranged inside the particular same space to your liking for.

Can a traditional bathroom vanity make your home feel brand-new? You bet your golden nuggets, it can! Nearly every household in the current environment is vying to snag that special, unique, handcrafted piece of work; indeed, it is, because a traditional bath vanity is both functional and fancy. Nothing fancy about the price, though, and that continues to be the selling point.


Traditional bathroom vanities popular feature

Generally, traditional bathroom vanities are comprised of such materials as wood, granite, stone, marble, and metal. The cabinetry is usually fitted with either single or double doors, although drawers are a popular feature, as well.

Granite and marble often make top of the list for countertop material in traditional bath vanities. Beautiful vessel and bowl sinks are usually the best type to incorporate into the look of a traditional bath vanity that is functional and aesthetically engaging.

Single sink bathroom vanities 24 inches sets are common among traditional bath vanities; on the other hand, you are likely to discover some fantastic specimens of restored double-sink cabinetry with the properties of a traditional bath vanity. More storage room means more room to flaunt your well-organized bathroom.


Traditional bathroom vanities 24 inches

For many, a touch of vintage and classic décor often strikes a rather powerful chord; that chord carries with it positive connotations of a time represented by the furniture. Perhaps it is reminiscent of a beloved figure (whether a relative or some renowned public figure); perhaps it brings to mind a particular era of glamour and grandeur (notably that of the Victorian period, whose eponymous queen inspired the item and helped put it on the mainstream map). A vanity is a must in every bathroom, while a traditional vanity is a favorite among consumers with a flair for preserving history in unique home accents. Think about it: Traditional bath vanities 24 inches and under have retained their A-list status for centuries, thanks to the inimitable power of handcrafted detail.

What truly sweetens the pot for homeowners in the current economic environment is the preponderance of stores that carry these gems (priceless in quality yet accessible in actual pricing). Simply put, a gorgeous traditional vanity shall become the functional focal point for your bathroom as easily as one can venture onto an online store that boasts an impressive array of merchandise from all the top names in the biz. No lines, no absurdly high prices, and consequently no senseless haggling required. Traditional are the new trendy and you deserved to take that trend home. Goes without saying that the materials utilized in traditional bathroom vanities keep them looking as pristine as ever, for decades on end.



A 30-inch height was the bathroom vanity standard for a long time—but not anymore. Comfort-height vanities, which typically measure around 36 inches or slightly less in height, are the new standard for contemporary bathrooms. The extra height provides easier access and less back strain for most people and works better with modern sink designs. If kids will be using the room, a 30-inch or 32-inch height is a good compromise.


Most bathroom vanities measure around 17 inches to 24 inches in depth. A depth of 20 or 21 inches is the typical minimum for regularly sized bathrooms. For small or narrow bathrooms, a cabinet that’s closer to the wall will provide much-needed space for door or drawer opening and foot traffic.


Those bathroom walls aren’t going anywhere, so width is usually the easiest measurement to obtain. For single-sink cabinets, the most popular width range is between 36 and 48 inches. For double vanities, a width range of 60 to 72 inches is typical. Keep in mind that the vanity top should be a bit wider and deeper than the cabinet (see our vanity tops buying and installation guide for details).

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