Unique Bathroom Vanities – For Small Spaces, Lights, Ideas


unique bathroom vanity ideas

For many people, the bathroom is not generally the most exciting, inspiring spaces in a home to decorate. I mean, you’ve got your standard white porcelain items, your sink, and your shower/tub, right? Not a lot of personality even available, so why even try? I’ve got good news – this is wrong! There are many bathroom decorating and design options available that, truly, every bathroom everywhere can be unique and beautiful.


Stylish & Unique Bathroom Vanities

A new trend in bathroom design and remodeling is to recycle old or vintage pieces of furniture into a clever and unique bathroom vanity or storage piece. Bathroom design has only been in development for a century, which may seem like a long time, but in terms of design and decoration, is fairly new. Early bathrooms were made to be a sterile and easy-to-clean necessity but have now developed into lavish home spas and sanctuaries.

Choosing to make a personal design statement by installing a unique bathroom vanity can be a good start to create a space that reflects your personal styles and tastes. Many designers and creative craftspeople visit tag and yard sales, estate sales, flea markets, and even salvage yards looking for an unusual piece of furniture to convert into a unique bathroom vanity.


Classic Vanity Cabinets

Traditional vanities are highly sought after by people, who live in period homes. A simple vanity cabinet helps to rejuvenate a tired bathroom


Transitional Washroom Cupboards

Transitional restroom cabinets create the perfect focal point for a master En suite. Use transitional bathroom cupboards to fuse décor from different eras


Country Restroom cabinets

Rustic vanity cupboards are perfect for the country home. French country washroom cabinets are some of the most popular and unique bathroom vanities


Cottage Bathroom Furniture

Cottage washroom cabinets look clean and homely and in general, wood finish washroom cupboards are timeless and elegant. Solid oak vanity units look good in traditional and modern restrooms alike


High Gloss Bathroom Furniture

Classic white gloss shower room cabinets add a touch of sophistication and glamor. Gleaming white vanities make the bathroom appear spacious and sparkling

Your home is your castle. It is more than just a roof over your head; it is a statement about who you really are. People spend thousands of dollars on furnishings and upgrades to make their home as comfortable as possible. However, one room which is often overlooked is the bathroom. If you are doing any kind of remodeling or upgrading, you should make certain that custom bathroom vanities are at the top of your list.

Custom vanities are exactly that — custom. They are cabinets that are made and designed to suit you. The best vanities are built by people who also build kitchens and are experts in the world of cabinetry.

Rather than buying a cheap, generic vanity, consider having one custom made. One of the best things about having a vanity designed is being able to select the wood. Vanities from chain stores are generally made out of particle board or press board. Custom made cabinets are built from real wood. Cherry, oak and maple are a few of the woods that are offered.

Generic vanities are a one size fits all option. They are all made to the exact same height, width and depth. However, bathrooms are not all the same size, nor are the needs of the individuals who use them. If you have a small bathroom, you might want to consider getting custom bathroom vanities that will enable you to maximize the space that is available.

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Tips for Finding Unfinished Bathroom Vanities – Design Style, Wood


unfinished wood bathroom vanities

If you are seeking a bathroom vanity or granite countertop, vessel sink and cabinet to match, our selection covers your entire bathroom remodeling project needs. We carry a large array of finished and unfinished vanity cabinets. We also have a wide range of furniture sink vanities. Our selection of sizes and prices is unbeatable. Browse vanity cabinets ranging 9″ in width, all the way up to 73″ for our furniture style vanities.

A new set of cabinets can transform your bathroom without breaking the bank. Our pre-finished and all-in-one cabinet models come in popular and versatile colors that will go with a wide variety of decor. Our quality bathroom base cabinets are built with real wood and are designed to be both functional and beautiful.

Is DIY more your style? Add your own personal touch by purchasing one of our unfinished vanities. They can be painted or stained in any color / tone you desire, making them a great choice for achieving a truly custom look.

Unfinished bathroom vanities and cabinets can be a great option if you’re upgrading a bathroom space or designing a new one, and you want a blank design slate to work with. Starting with unfinished vanities and cabinets will allow you to incorporate your own personal style touch in terms of colors and finishes; if you prefer a more rough-hewn or rustic look, you could also choose to simply leave them unfinished.


Bathroom Sinks and Vanities

When choosing unfinished bathroom vanities and cabinets, you’ll first need to decide which design style is right for you. You can choose from a wide range of styles, from romantic, Victorian vanities to sleek, ultra-modern cabinets with efficient designs and no-frills hardware. Deciding which style is right for you is a matter of personal preference, but if unfinished cabinets and vanities are in the cards, you may find that more traditional styles are more readily available.

Once you’ve chosen your style, it’s time to think about colors and finishes. There are myriad stains and finishes you can add to cabinets and vanities, from matte to extremely glossy. Again, this will likely be a matter of personal preference, and matching the overall style of the bathroom will also come into play. In terms of color, think about using the vanities and cabinets to add a vibrant, bold color statement to the bathroom—greens, yellows and bold blues can be great choices to liven up the space.

We want to make sure you find the best home goods when you shop online. You have searched for unfinished bathroom vanity and this page displays the closest product matches we have for unfinished bathroom vanity to buy online. With millions of unique furniture, décor, and housewares options, we’ll help you find the perfect solution for your style and your home. Browse through our wide selection of brands, like Fresca and Mercury Row.


Advantages of Unfinished Bathroom Vanities

The unfinished bathroom vanities can be customized to have the desired attachments so that you can have all that you require with minimum of space consumption. For instance the makeup tables can have added attachments of storage compartments in the drawers to store smaller items that are likely to be misplaced otherwise. If need be a sink could be added and an additional drawer can be installed at the bottom of the table to increase the storage area. There is a large collection of raw material available to create a bathroom space of your style. You can make it look funky, elegant, country style or even contemporary. You can pepper your addition to the bathroom with additional decorations like arched skirts to make them take the centre stage and the visitors to your house could not help but enquire about the secret to the impressive furniture. There is also choice available in the type of material you want to use for your furniture like marble and granite. Wood furniture can be experimented with quite a lot as it can be of various kinds namely oak wood and maple and could be glazed, painted or left unfinished.

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Single Bathroom Vanity – 60, 54, 48, 55, 72 – Single Sink, With Top


single sink bathroom vanity

We strive to provide a selection versatile enough to meet the needs of every homeowner or any individual remodeling or outfitting a bathroom. To that end, we offer a line of vanity cabinets that comes without the top or sink, because we understand you do not always need the entire package. At the same time, we offer the ability to mix and match these selections with counter tops, sinks and other items in order to build a complete vanity for your space. To help you select the right bathroom cabinet for your space and needs, we have provided the shopping tips below.


Size definitely matters with a vanity. After all, the last thing you want is to get your vanity half way into the bathroom before realizing it just will not fit. To that end, you need to have some measurements regarding your available bathroom vanity space before you start shopping. Your measurements should include both the width and the depth. When you take the measurements, try to imagine the vanity in the space and make sure you leave room for other items in the bathroom. You also want to make sure you will have access to all the functional areas of the room and that the vanity will not block movement. Finally, you need to consider opening doors in the room as well as cabinet doors and drawers that may be in the front of the vanity. You should ensure your measurements leave enough space for that type of motion and functionality.

Style and Finishing

After you narrow down what size cabinet you need, you can start the fun part of looking at different styles. Our selection offers traditional, modern and unique cabinetry. When selecting a cabinet, you will need to understand how the addition of different counter tops or sinks may change the look and style of the piece. You want all elements of your vanity to complement each other and add to the overall style. You also want them to go with the accents and fixtures already present in your room.


Storage Options

After size and style comes storage. Our cabinets include storage elements like doors with spacious shelf space, different sized drawers and open shelving. The storage layout you choose will depend mostly on how you use a bathroom vanity. The items you need to store will determine what type of storage options are best for your space. For example, if you need to stash personal items or cosmetics, you may want some drawers. Towels and cleaning supplies, on the other hand, usually call for cabinet spaces.



Finally, you need to match the selection with your plumbing. If you are purchasing separate sink and fixture elements, you want to read the specifications for all items to ensure they will support each other. You might also want to double check cabinet measurements with your room to make sure the vanity will not block power outlets, switches, bathroom lighting or heating elements. In some cases, you may need to ensure the vanity is far enough away from heating elements for safety purposes.


White Single Bathroom Vanity For Your Home

If you want to achieve a classic design for your bathroom, aiming to use white or black ceramic fixtures is key. We all know that most of the fixtures we see at home depots or magazines or even in the internet are using white or black fixtures to achieve a classic design that will not go out of style. Adding decorations to create a certain feel is what makes one room change its style from time to time.


Looking for single sink Vanities

If you are looking for have bathroom for the single sink option and prefer to go with a single exclusive style, you better think that it will stick out. You can take benefit of this by getting a wonderful looking bathroom vanity. In this case it is supposed to be more art than sink, something that will bang people off their feet when they see it. The size of bathroom often dictates you go with a single sink vanity. Nothing personalizes the master bath like Single Sink Vanities furniture-style. Unlike boxy, built-in units that look as if they came right off the assembly line-and probably did-these unfitted pieces give the bath a unique elegance. We offer a large range of traditional and contemporary single sink bathroom vanities styles, any finishes and sizes to suit your bathroom.


Selection of contemporary single sink vanities

You can count on our store to provide for you the highest-quality Single Sink Vanities models. Our premium, compact Single Vanity Cabinet offers a simple solution for classic bathroom styling. Two doors open to a spacious and elegant storage compartment. The single vanity itself is complete with a fully assembled modular cabinet and an exquisite marble countertop with a backsplash. An incredible selection of contemporary bathroom vanities is equipped with soft-close door hinges to complement the stunning black-glass, white-glass, and solid-oak cabinets. Each of these designs features strong, crisp lines moderated by the curved lower façade, which creates the ideal balance between masculine and feminine, the yin and yang of single vanity bathroom design suitable for even our most feng shui conscious buyer.


High quality single sink vanity furniture

Single sink vanities include countertops made of different material, and they often feature dresser doors unless there is open shelving in place of drawers. The quality wood and stone materials selected for the countertops and bath cabinet doors have to coming with the vanity reasonably of making a massive statement, so stone and glass are textbook selections. Single sink vanities made from high quality wood with stonework countertops look conventional and good-looking. Furthermore, since clear is such a modern picking, glass is ideal for bath cabinet doors as well as for the sink. To ensure comfort and functionality for you and yours, we carries exceptional sets with single square basins vanities mounted on wood countertop, which is supported by stainless steel wall brackets and includes an integrated towel bar. You can further enhance the look and feel of your bathroom by adding an optional 3-drawer floor cabinet, faucets, and mirrors.

Bathroom vanities combine functionality and style. There are many different types of bathroom vanities, including single vanities that are perfect for a small bathroom. Purchasing the right single vanity for your home requires more than selecting the best material. You will also want to match the aesthetic of the bathroom vanity to the tile and décor in your bathroom. Single vanities have decorative knobs and faucets that you may also want to tie into your design. There are many different styles of single vanities, from traditional to modern. The distinctive feature of bathroom vanities is that it combines an elegant countertop with highly functional storage.

You can open up a small bathroom by finding functional storage spaces that blend into your existing décor. If you currently have a free-standing sink, then you are missing out on the storage opportunity of a single vanity. Single vanities come with many different drawers so you don’t have to fill up other precious space in a small bathroom.

Bath vanities come in various different styles from traditional or modern. You can match the style of the hardware with the finish on the vanity. If you prefer modern design, then find a single bathroom vanity that is equipped with simple handles and less ornate fixtures.

Even if you have a small bathroom, you shouldn’t have to give-up your personal taste. Single bathroom vanities come with unique designs. You can equip your single bathroom vanity with a customized vanity top made from natural stone, like marble and colorful glass.

Single vanities not only come with unique designed cabinetry and faucets, but they also come with elegant washing bowls. You can shop from a wide selection of free-standing washing bowls that add a modern feel to your home décor. Many of the single vanities combine both functionality and design to give you the most value for your purchase.

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Contemporary Bathroom Vanities – Vanities and Sinks


contemporary bathroom vanities and sinks

Modern bathroom vanities combine sophisticated elegance and minimalist functionality. There are many unique types of contemporary or modern bathroom vanities, such as floating vanities and vessel sinks. The signature features of modern bathroom vanities include smooth cabinetry and faucet design with little to no ornamentation. You can select a single vanity or a double vanity that is designed with a modern aesthetic. Modern bathroom vanities are perfect for your home if you are looking at updating your existing bathroom. Pair a modern vanity with a tiled backsplash and floating mirrors to give your bathroom a finishing touch.

A contemporary bathroom is created with furniture pieces that embody current design trends. People tend to collapse modern and contemporary design into the same category; however, the latter is a reflection of existing design fads and the former is a reflection of mid-century minimalist design. There is crossover between modern and contemporary design, but it is important to make the distinction between the two when you are shopping for a contemporary, rather than a modern, bathroom vanity. Contemporary bathroom vanities are generally more eclectic than modern bathroom vanities because they borrow from many unique trends that are occurring in the present moment, rather than a fixed set of design elements. If you are looking for a common thread that ties together contemporary bathroom vanities, then it is helpful to follow existing designers who combine old designs with their imagination.

All bathrooms have the potential to become a personal oasis; however, sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect accessories for small bathrooms. Choosing a modern vanity for a small bathroom is a perfect choice because of its stylish and simplistic design. These small bathroom vanities combine functionality and style into even the smallest space.

If you are decorating a larger space, then a modern double vanity may be the perfect solution for your home. Double bathroom vanities are the perfect way to incorporate storage into your bathroom without losing space to free-standing cabinetry. Modern double bathroom vanities create and elegant and sophisticated look throughout your bathroom.

Often times, modern vanities come in a variety of different materials from marble countertops to natural wood cabinets. Combine natural stone and wood in your bathroom to create a beautiful and modern bathroom vanity. Complete the look of a modern vanity by selecting one with metal hardware, like shining nickel.

If you want to make your bathroom vanity the focal point of your bathroom, then dark cabinetry can make a bold statement. Black vanities are popular for bathrooms with modern design. You can pair a black vanity with white vessel sinks and granite countertops to make your bathroom vanity stand out from the crowd.

Clean lines are also popular in contemporary design. Contemporary bathroom vanities often use materials such as glass and metal with unornamented fixtures. We carry contemporary bathroom vanities that are made from quality materials, such as premium grade woods and hand-glazed finishes.

Contemporary designers are also focused on sustainability. Contemporary bathroom vanity sinks are made with sustainable materials, like granite, limestone, sandstone and slate. Similarly, contemporary bathroom vanity cabinets are also made with sustainable wood like white ash, black cherry, mahogany, maple, oak and bamboo.

A contemporary bathroom vanity cabinet is a great way to give your bathroom an instant update. No other piece of bath furniture is capable of making a bigger fashion statement.

And with today’s contemporary bathroom vanity cabinets, it’s never been easier to give one of the most used rooms in your house a makeover. Whether you are shopping for the master bath, children’s bath or powder room, you will find a vanity set that not only meets your needs, but exceeds your wildest expectations.

Find a diverse selection of contemporary bathroom vanities online from Free standing contemporary vessel sink vanities shouldn’t be hard to find online. We take the stress out of finding contemporary vanities on the web by providing our customers with a unique and fun purchasing experience.

Unlike its bathroom counterparts, a vanity can easily add a touch of whimsy and fun to your bath. At, we look for pieces that put a unique spin on the ordinary – mixing styles, colors and materials that artfully come together to create a truly spectacular scene. We strive for the “wow” factor and favor pieces that will impress even the most discriminating designers.

Modern bathroom vanities are popular additions to contemporary homes, offering the sleekest and most eye-catching designs in bathroom furniture as well as signature simplicity – a simplicity that makes these vanities essentially timeless. As sturdy and versatile as they are beautiful, our collection of modern vanities has the perfect cabinet for you.

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Finding the Best Mirrored Bathroom Vanity – Cabinet, Sink


mirrored vanity bathroom

There are an endless number of ways to design a bathroom, from creating a layout to choosing colors and fixtures. When it comes to decor, mirrors are a necessity in the bathroom — but that doesn’t mean they have to be basic or lack style.

Whether you’re looking to redecorate your entire bathroom or just want to update your style with an eye-catching piece, we have plenty of bathroom mirror ideas to get you inspired.

Enhance your bathroom décor to match your style.

The vanity mirror TV combines an ultra-thin LED ingeniously crafted into a large mirror. They are plug-and-play, meaning you can unpack and get it setup within minutes! There is no easier way to upgrade the décor of your already existing bathroom, or complete the style of your bathroom under construction. The TVs come with waterproof remotes, so you can operate the TV from anywhere in your bathroom, including a tub, shower, or Jacuzzi without worrying about getting it wet.

Double It

Create a look that’s twice as stunning by duplicating the style two (or even three) times. This is most commonly done over double sinks, but multiple mirrors could be used over a long single-sink vanity as an alternative to one large mirror.

Be Unique

One of our favorite bathroom mirror ideas is choosing an unconventional shape is an easy and effective way to make a statement in any size or style bathroom. Many vintage styles offer interesting shapes and intricate designs. It’s the perfect way to add a statement piece to your bathroom without adding unnecessary accessories that clutter the room.

Mix and Match

Gather different sizes and/or styles of mirrors and hang them in a gallery-wall-style arrangement. Be sure to vary the mirrors so that they complement instead of compete against one another. Keep them all on one wall, or you’ll risk a funhouse effect.

High End Italian Mirrored Bathroom Vanity

We love the elegance and consistency brought about by this design from Nellavetrina. It is a spacious bathroom and adding the mirrored bathroom vanity gives it a lot of class and elegance. Not to mention, the perfect choice for white and elongated vase accessories to balance the regular shape of the mirror, sink and storage that compose the bathroom vanity.

Reclaimed Wooden Mirrored Bathroom Vanity

In a rustic and country-ish design is this Reclaimed Wooden Mirrored Bathroom Vanity from Groovexi. The use of mirrors for the vanity breaks the monotonous colors that we see in this bathroom. The walls are neat and the accessories, explicit.

Sizing the Mirror Above Your Bathroom Vanity

No bathroom is complete without a mirror for visual effect. The mirror plays a key part in our daily grooming like shaving, applying makeup, and styling our hair, and it is one of the last things we look at before going out.

Getting the right one to suit our needs is an art in itself. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the right-sized mirror for your bathroom.

What Size Mirror Should I Hang Over the Sink?

The mirror’s size is usually determined by the length of your vanity’s countertop. Designers usually choose mirrors that are 2 to 4 inches narrower than the vanity (which consists of the sink, its counter, and its surrounding storage).

Of course, the size of the vanity depends on the size of the bathroom. Large master bathrooms will often utilize a double sink vanity, while in smaller powder rooms, a single vanity is more fitting. Narrow vanities are best suited for small bathrooms and usually consist of a sink only. A large bathroom space can consist of a single or double vanity that can occupy the whole length of the wall. A double vanity comes with two sinks, a counter, and storage underneath.

Measure Your Space

Take measurements of either the sink or the entire vanity and write them down. Don’t forget to write down the height of the wall where you’ll hang the mirror. As a rule, the mirror should measure several inches less than the vanity or sink area.

For example, if you’ve chosen a 48″ single sink vanity, you will want to select a mirror thats width (frame included) doesn’t exceed 48 inches. To make sure the mirror doesn’t overpower the room, aim for 42-44 inches total.

Some people may choose a mirror that goes to the very edge of the vanity. This is okay, but you do not want it to exceed the width of the vanity.

Center the mirror directly above the sink.

Which Shape of Mirror Looks Best?

Mirrors come in all shapes, finishes, and sizes. As they say, your imagination is the only limit.

More traditional remodelers may choose something rectangular or oval with a style that matches the rest of the room.

You can have mirrors cut or built-in to fit perfectly into the space, utilizing the same molding or surrounding tile for a custom look.

Modern homeowners will likely choose something sleek and minimal (maybe even frameless) and may opt for new technologies, like built-in lights or even mirrors that display the day’s weather forecast.

Creative types might choose a funky color or ornate shape to add interest and whimsy to their remodel.


Frame or no frame? Frameless mirrors are a sleek design option if you don’t want a heavy border around the reflection.

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Bathroom Vanity – Vanity Stool for Bathroom


bathroom vanity with stool

Every vanity table needs a comfy chair or a stool. Depending on the size of the room and the table itself you can choose between one or the other. The advantage of the stool is that it can be easily hidden under the table and will take less floor space.

With a good deal of details about the bathroom vanity stool is extremely valuable to realize the restroom by our fantasies. Everybody desires your bathroom a comfortable and complete in your property. The idea can be used so that your bathroom includes a character.

You’ll discover this variety of vanity in lots of those greater end homes seeking to preserve the custom-made look of the home escapes into the restroom. Bathroom vanities can also be a superb direction of locating the features you desire at the same time which you’re ready to conserve space. Alluring bathroom vanities are offered in numerous shapes and sizes. Before you begin looking to get toilet vanities, then you need to find what kind of look and style that you want in the bathroom. In these times bathroom vanities arrive at an enormous range of fashions, for baths of numerous themes.

A personalized vanity may maybe not maintain the price range, but it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t find a layout that is amongst a kind. If you are hunting for bathroom vanities, then you could have a difficult time obtaining conventional bathroom vanities. Modern day bathroom vanities aren’t only constructed to look quite, plus so they have been made to be more functional too.

We features a wide selection of Vanity Stools so that you can find the perfect one for your home. You’ll discover a variety of Vanity Stools options from top brand like Langley Street and Porthos Home.

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Why You Need to Choose Wood Bathroom Vanities


unfinished wood bathroom vanities

Scroll through a list of solid wood bathroom vanities from top manufacturers like Virtu USA, Fresca, JWH Living, and Design Element. Over the years, I’ve notices real wood becoming highly desirable in the market. Rightfully so as the demand for quality products has been met by manufactures who have place an emphasis on timeless pieces.

When selecting your bathroom cabinets, it should be an experience you enjoy. We offer seven collections of vanities, and these high-end bathroom vanities will not only give a facelift to any room, but they will also create a more sophisticated feel to your design. Outstanding bathroom vanities from Woodbridge, Mooristown, Brick, Paramus, or any of our Pennsylvania locations can help you transform a boring powder room or full bathroom into one of the most exciting rooms in the house!

The options are endless with our variety of bathroom cabinets from Pennsylvania and New Jersey. You will be able to pick and choose linen closets or a decorative mirror as a focal point to enhance any room’s appeal. We aim to make the lives easier for those looking to renovate their existing bathrooms. By offering the finest cabinetry in the industry, it is our duty to take out the difficulty in choosing a truly extraordinary piece of furniture for all your bathroom needs.

As you know, water, humidity, and moisture can wreak havoc on your bathroom furniture. Personally, I like to hold onto things for as long as possible; heirloom items if you will. Solid wood vanities are the strongest material for a bathroom vanity. They are typically heavier and also command a slightly higher price.


Why Solid Wood is Better than MDF

There are many benefits behind solid wood vanities. In short, they are highly durable and ideal for the extreme conditions experienced in the bathroom. In case your extractor fan is unable to cycle fresh air in fast enough, your vanity can have some serious side effects.

  • Capable of supporting the weight of a heavy granite or marble countertop and backsplash. (Won’t droop in the center).
  • Solid wood won’t scratch, dent, or ding easily since it is very dense.
  • Genuine wood finish can be stained or repainted as many times as you want.
  • Also available in unstained versions that you can stain/paint yourself.
  • Real wood surface won’t peel off like a vanity finished with a veneer.
  • Will withstand the wear and tear over the years.

For more information on this, you can read my comparison on MDF and Solid Wood Vanities. Avoid low-density particleboard if you choose to take the MDF route. If within the budget, I always advise to pay the extra dollar for a real wood vanity.


Wood Veneers

Wood veneers can be used on bathroom vanities for a variety of reasons. Historically, veneers have been used to make a cheaper wood look like a more expensive type of wood, and this is often still true – especially if the “wood” being covered over is MDF or plywood. But even high quality solid wood vanities are being veneered fairly often these days, not because the underlying material is cheap, but because other types of wood are more attractive, and often more rare. Exotic woods are both more expensive and less suitable for construction, making exotic wood veneers a nice compromise between appearance and quality.


Patterned Wood Veneers

This is especially true of vanities that display patterned wood veneers – an especially hot trend right now. A veneer, generally speaking, is a thin layer of wood affixed to the main structural pieces to improve their appearance. Patterned veneers are specifically made from wood that has a unique wood grain – like “burl” or “crotch” patterning. Rather than using simple solid patterned sheets, the trend right now is to arrange multiple veneer pieces to make a more intricate pattern, like the elegant tree-ring style above, or the repeating triangles used to create this beautiful starburst design.

Rustic Wood Grain

Conversely, I’m starting to see a lot of vanities that use veneers to create a more rustic, rugged appearance. Rather than a smooth, polished pattern, these veneers showcase a more standard wood grain, and often exhibit signs of weathering or other wear and tear. For example, this Moria vanity is made of solid birch, which is a perfectly lovely wood (more on this in a moment), but uses walnut veneers to create a darker, more rustic, earthier appearance. These can be more or less weathered, but work especially well to highlight the natural aspect of a bathroom, even without many other wood elements.

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60 Inch Bathroom Vanity Single, Double Sink, With and Without Top


60 inch bathroom vanity double sink

55 to 60 inch vanities boasts some of the best-made and most luxuriously designed double sink vanity cabinets in the world, from some of the most critically acclaimed manufacturers in the industry.

Spend a little time with these beautiful cabinets and you’ll see that two sinks are indeed better than one! With enhanced storage space both above and within the cabinet itself, as well as the obvious practicality of dual sinks, it’s easy to see why these vanities are so desirable. But these are more than just “practical” bathroom fixtures: our 60 inch vanities are meticulously designed to make an impact on your bathroom aesthetic, uniquely detailed and styled to fit in wonderfully with your home. Whether you are looking for something modern, antique, or transitional, we have the perfect vanity for you!

From mid-century modern to minimalist, we have an impressive selection of Bathroom Vanities for sale online, with enough style and color options to satisfy even the pickiest modern consumer. We have a wide range of contemporary Bathroom Vanities that fit your current filtered choice of “Base Width: 56″ – 60″”. You can also further narrow your options down with features more specific than your current filter of “Base Width: 56″ – 60″”. You can find contemporary Bathroom Vanities by brands like Bosconi or Cambridge Plumbing by using the “Brand” filter on the left-hand side of the page.

Most often a 60 inch vanity comes with a double sink, but you can also find single sink vanities at this width as well. Double vanities are perfect for master bathrooms or bathrooms where siblings share a room. If you have the two sinks, your kids can get ready more efficiently which increases the likelihood they get out the door for school on time! If you have a spouse, you know what it’s like sharing a sink and often hitting elbows. The double vanity prevents you from getting in each other’s way. If you haven’t yet done so, be sure to measure the width in your bathroom where the vanity will go. This is done to make sure a 60 inch vanity will fit. You should also measure the depth you have to work with to make sure you don’t have a vanity which comes out too far.

Consider the color or base finish of your vanity. We have the following finishes: dark wood, white, gray, medium wood, black, or light wood. A traditional look is a standard white vanity, but you can play with the finish based on the color of your bathroom. A more rustic style vanity could be gray and fit gray painted walls. You also might go with a wood color vanity for a traditional style home. The wood color matches a range of other colors as well so you can change your paint colors and not worry about needing a new vanity.

Your 60 inch vanity doesn’t need to be a double sink. You can find single sink vanities that are 60 inches wide. Often, the sink is centered in the middle of the vanity with plenty of space on either side. You can leave items like your toothbrush and toothpaste on top of the vanity. You can also use the filters on the page to look at 60 inch vanities with a certain number of doors or drawers. It’s important you pick a vanity which can hold the items you need. Each person uses the storage portion of their vanity differently. Be sure to consider how you use it in order to find the perfect one for you.

Most bathroom vanities come with the sink included. Be sure to confirm on the product page of the vanities you’re interested in. Sink types you have to choose from include undermount, vessel, integrated, drop in, or farmhouse. Undermount is a common look for bathrooms. Attached faucets to your bathroom vanity are available but happen far less often than the sink. Also, be sure to check the product description of the 60 inch vanities you are considering so you know for sure.

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Grey Bathroom Vanity – Selecting the Best Color for Bathroom Vanity


grey vanity bathroom

A bathroom renovation comes with a few important decisions. You might be pondering whether you want a freestanding or drop-in bathtub. You could also be considering which toilet brand you want to go with. It’s important not to overlook the bathroom vanity when the decision comes around. A gray bathroom vanity can match a variety of home décor styles including traditional, modern, or rustic. Let’s look at some of the other important elements to choosing the perfect gray vanity for your bathroom.

First and foremost, you need to measure the space you have in your bathroom. Measure the width, height, and depth you have to help determine the size vanity you need. The most important dimension is the width of the vanity because you do not want to buy one too wide or too narrow. If it’s too narrow, you can end up with a lot of extra space in your bathroom you don’t need. If it’s too wide, it will not properly fit in your bathroom. Whichever gray vanities you are deciding between, you can read the dimensions on the product detail page of each vanity.

You should also consider the installation type of your vanity. There are two common installation types: free-standing and wall-mounted. A free standing vanity has four small legs, rests on the floor of your bathroom, and is placed right up against a wall. A wall-mounted vanity does not have legs to rest on the floor and is instead attached to the wall itself. The wall-mounted look is definitely a bit more modern compared to the free-standing option.

Your gray bathroom vanity takes on two functions in the bathroom. First it needs to look good. You wake up and often go straight to your bathroom to prepare yourself for the day. As a result, you stand directly in front of your vanity, so having one you like is important. You also spend some time in front of it at night before going to bed. The vanity’s second purpose is more functional. Depending on your bathroom storage setup, your vanity could be a primary storage item or secondary. Consider how many storage compartments you need out of your vanity to help determine the one you should get. If you need a lot of drawers and cabinets for extra toiletry items, then find one with a lot of compartments. If you have small closets that take care of bathroom storage, then you can look for grey vanities with less drawers & cabinets.

No matter which grey vanity you choose, it’s our job to curate the widest selection for you. We believe every home is different. Therefore, there is no one vanity to fit every home. We also take shipping seriously. Vanities usually fit the bill for free shipping, and you can be confident the vanity will come on time and the way it looked when you bought it. As a result, your renovation can stay on schedule.

The Prowess of Elegance and Cost-effectiveness in a Gray oak Bathroom Vanity, believe it or not, one of the trendiest things on the home design circuit is whit furniture. We are talking, in particular, about the gray oak bathroom vanity. Homeowners and design critics alike continue to sing praises for the ingenuity of its concept. It may look simple and subtle, yet the discount bathroom vanity also appears to transcend any and every convention instilled by contemporary form; likewise, it certainly is able to maintain its character, while flowing with the tides of new fashions on the horizon.


Gray Oak Bathroom vanity for your next remodeling project

One of the reasons to consider a gray oak bathroom vanity for your next remodeling project is the manner, in which it will enliven the ambience of your home. Gray oak bathroom vanities continue to exude their mass appeal by sheer virtue of being adaptable for any motif that strikes your fancy as a designer. What is more, a gray oak bathroom vanity is an easy way of adding a healthy dose of fancy without your having to shell out a fancy sum for the purchase.


Online shopping for Gray Oak Bathroom Vanities

Speaking of the perfect match between tasteful and cost-effective, how about trying on the e-store inventory on for size? The world of online shopping continues to bolster its reputation as a resourceful consumer’s go-to solution. As the environment continues to become fraught with technological advances (case in point: online shopping!), other aspects of life also inevitably pick up the pace. This is where strategizing truly comes in handy, especially where your well-being and home life are concerned. Creating a beautiful home with discount bathroom furniture that lasts through the fads, not to mention the continual usage (and subsequent accumulation of moisture) is super-fast and super-easy, once you install a gray oak vanity into your bathroom.

While visual appeal remains an important factor in determining your choice of a cheap bathroom vanity, practicality often sets the tone for your final decision. A gray oak bathroom vanity is undeniably a practical find, given that it is able to fit literally within any parameter of space. No matter how spacious or compacted your home is, a gray oak bath vanity will make it feel even more welcoming.

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Finding Antique Bathroom Vanity – White, Vessel Sink, Antique Style


antique white bathroom vanity

Finding top quality antique bathroom vanities can be more than just difficult. It can be very time consuming and frustrating. The best way to find the best is to check out the suppliers who really do have everything.

We have the latest, best, and most stylish antique bathroom vanities, in a wide range of design and décor options.

We have a truly full spectrum of antique bathroom vanities. Bookmark this page and check regularly because we get new stock coming in all the time. Also keep an eye on our discounts – Compare our prices, compare our quality, and you’ll find some excellent deals across our full range of products.

We want to make sure you find the best home goods when you shop online. You have searched for antique+bathroom+vanity and this page displays the closest product matches we have for antique+bathroom+vanity to buy online. With millions of unique furniture, décor, and housewares options, we’ll help you find the perfect solution for your style and your home. Browse through our wide selection of brands, like Astoria Grand and InFurniture.

If you’re looking for refined antique bathroom vanities, you’ve come to the right place. We offers a grand selection of bathroom vanities sure to delight the designer in you. Each and every one of our pieces is constructed with quality elegant materials to produce a beautiful finished product. Our selection is vast and our prices are spectacular.


Converting an Antique into a Vanity

There are some challenges in converting an antique dresser into a vanity for your bathroom. Since the item was not really created to be a vanity it will more than likely not be waterproof. You will need to seal it so that it will not be damaged by water, steam, and high humidity of a bathroom.Vintage furniture was not made to accommodate a sink of any sort. There will be no hole for the sink to be placed in because the wash basin would have been placed on top of the wash stand. There will be no plumbing and no place for faucets. The back will need to be removed from the piece in order for the pipes to be attached. If there are drawers, they will interfere with setting the sink as well as the pipes. The drawer fronts will need to be permanently attached to the front of the piece and the drawers themselves should be removed.



Keep in mind that, if you choose a piece of furniture that conceals the pipework, as the dresser above does, you will have to sacrifice some of that storage for this. Depending on the piece you can probably keep some, and a clever carpenter will be able to re-shape the drawers behind the fronts, to maximize storage in the final piece.

If you choose a piece where the plumbing will be visible, such as a table or desk, remember to specify a attractive metal trap. Contractors will normally put white plastic piping into their quotes unless asked for something higher spec, and you don’t want to be looking at that every day.

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