A Guide to Buying Complete Bathroom Vanity Sets

complete bathroom vanity sets

Bath vanity sets make it easy for you to outfit the whole bathroom at one time. Vanity sets create a unified look in your bathroom, and simplify your bathroom remodeling process. Some vanity sets are comprised of the vanity, countertop, basin, faucet and mirror, and others include the vanity, countertop, basin, a side cabinet and a mirror, or other combinations of bathroom components.We offers vanity sets from Nameeks Bristol and Bath, Bath20, Whitehaus and DeRose, in a wide selection of styles and finishes to coordinate with any bathroom décor. Choose from vanity sets made of wood, wood and glass, aluminum and wood or wood and granite in traditional or contemporary designs to coordinate with your personal sense of style.


Choosing the Right Fit

Should you buy a 60 inch bathroom vanity or a 30 inch vanity? What about a 48 inch bathroom vanity or a 24 inch vanity? No two bathrooms are built alike because no two homes are built identically either. If you’re remodeling your current bathroom, start by measure the height, width, and length of your current bathroom vanity units as a reference point for what you should purchase. Thankfully Maykke has you covered with dozens of bathroom vanities to choose from, ranging from 11 – 24 inch contemporary bathroom vanities to 61 – 72 inch transitional bathroom vanities.

Choosing the right size for your new bathroom furniture requires that you thoroughly examine the layout of your current bathroom floor plan. Will your new vanity units fit within the current space that your previous vanity occupied? If you are considering larger bathroom vanity units, how will they fit with your current bathroom configuration? Do you have enough clearance in your current layout to accommodate a 60 inch vanity, or would opting for one of Maykke’s space-saving modern bathroom vanities be a better solution for your bathroom furniture needs? Once you’ve decided upon a location for your new bathroom vanity set, you will want to take the following measurements into consideration:

Height: Examine existing medicine cabinets, vanity units, and your ideal faucet height when choosing the height of your new bathroom vanity set. The standard height for a bathroom vanity is 32 inches, though depending on your personal preferences and design choices, you may want your vanity to have more, or less, height to suit your needs.

While many bathroom vanities range in height from 33 – 36 inches, some modern bathroom vanities feature a legless design that is meant to be wall-mounted, giving you the ability to raise or lower the vanity units to your specifications. If opting for a vessel sink, you may want to choose a vanity with a lower overall height to accommodate the height of your vessel sink. You will also want to take into account your other vanity units, such as your bathroom wall cabinets, standard bathroom cabinets, and your bathroom vanity mirrors when deciding on the height of your vanity.


Basin Type

In the land of bathrooms, there are four main basin types, and each will be available in an array of materials, sizes, shapes and colors. You may fall in love with a specific basin and choose your furniture piece accordingly, or your basin choice might be dictated by a piece of furniture you want to repurpose. But be wary of doing both simultaneously; not all basin types will work with all kinds of furniture.

Undermount basins do exactly what they say on the tin; they are mounted underneath a countertop, which overhangs the basin a little. They’re easy to clean around, and maximize usable counter space. If using a basin like this with a vintage piece of furniture, the countertop material will need to be cut to the shape of the basin, and in a non-porous material hardy enough to withstand water.

Overmount basins, sometimes called drop-in, these basins sit over the countertop with a lip around the edge. They are easy to find, and of all basin types, can change the look of the furniture you pair them with the least, as it’s possible for the top surface of the piece to be retained.

Countertop basins are also called vessel basins or sit-on bowls, and they sit atop the vanity, affixed near the waste outlet at the bottom. Countertop basins come in a huge range of materials and shapes, from basic white porcelain to luxe cut crystal and bold colorful acrylic. They can be deep or shallow, and their height is an important factor to keep in mind when pairing with vintage furniture.

Furniture basins are meant to be sold with a storage vanity, mix-and-match style, by a bathroom company or showroom. The basin, countertop, and sometimes upstand (small backsplash) are one solid piece, with the storage unit fitting neatly underneath. As such, they can be difficult to use with vintage pieces— unless you follow the brilliant lead in this photo from HouseNerd, and use them overmount basin-style, on top of a much larger piece. How cool is that?

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